About Us

Guyana Big Marketplace (GBM) is just one of the many solutions of Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE) in an effort of the social and economic of one country: Guyana. Guyana Big Marketplace refers to the largest structural entity for commerce in the Capitol City of Georgetown, and intern all of Guyana, The Stabroek Market.

From Wikipedia: Stabroek Market is the largest market of Georgetown, Guyana. Located in the center of the capital city, the market is housed in an iron and steal structure with a prominent clock tower. The architecture of the market is characteristically Victorian, like many of the other iconic structures in the city of Georgetown, and during the reign of The British colonizers Queen Victoria, although the Dutch were the first to colonize Guyana. The market started construction in 1880 and was inaugurated in November 1881.

To most Guyanese, The Stabroek Market is commonly known as The Big Market; thus, our name Guyana Big Marketplace for this ecommerce website that seeks to provide a venue for the sale of Guyana’s goods and services worldwide.

The Guyana Big Marketplace was conceived in 2019, just around the same time in the development of a Guyana Social Enterprise, the umbrella organization of GBM. Our experience in business development and online applications goes back to 1985, creating a network to electronic bulletin boards (BBS) utilizing X.25 connectivity protocol, and before the graphic interface of the World Wide Web (WWW). Our model network at that time was to act as a broker for trade between the Caribbean and the USA. The concept at that time which we later realize was one of social entrepreneurial endeavor. With the available technological capabilities, we are able better able to expand the social enterprise globally with specificity to Guyana in the application of ecommerce to the social and economic development with The Guyana Big Marketplace.